Contest #3

I don’t think its a secret that I love the Nashville Predators! I wear at least four Preds shirts a week, I always wear my hoodie, I have headbands, bows, and hats galore! I also now have a huge Shea Weber head…thanks Lisa! But over all, I love my Preds!

Not only are they a fantastic hockey club, with a killer defense (i.e. Shea Weber) and an up and coming offense along with the best goalie in the league, but they are also a great group of guys. They do so much for the community, they do workshops for kids wanting to play hockey, they go to Vanderbilt to sit with the kids there, and no matter what they will always stop and talk to you. Also, just a small little side not…they are all gorgeous. all of them. Jeez…

Because they are such a great team, they have great fans. Nashville has been known to be the LOUDEST arena in the NHL. We are the seventh Man because we are awesome, and because we have a great team!

So heres the contest! You have until March 25 to let me know on my Facebook, my email, or here on my blog, who your favorite team is and why for a chance to win an advance signed copy of TRYING TO SCORE! Good Luck!!


28 thoughts on “Contest #3

  1. Two words… Craig Smith. ‘Nuf said! lol

  2. Guess I didn’t say which team… but you know which one I mean!!

    GO PREDS!!!!

  3. Stephanie B.

    Oklahoma State Cowboys …Go Pokes

  4. Stacy Graham

    Wow. This is a great question. Being from Peoria we get the chance to see many of the players come through here and develop their skills. So we=hen you see that player that you have seen here for a few years finally make it to the NHL gives you a sense of pride.
    The Blues are a team that maybe doesn’t have a bunch of big name players but they are a group that goes out there and plays hard every night. They play with such passion and heart.
    When they aren’t on the ice playing the sport that they love they are always giving their time to the community. Weather it is dog rescues, supporting the troops, Race for the Cure, rebuilding Joplin, Mo, granting wishes for kids with cancer, helping young kids read and get the school supplies that they need or helping fight diabetes.
    Plus, if you have ever followed any of them on twitter you are pretty much assured a laugh a day. They are a bunch of talented, dedicated, passionate, hard-working, fun-loving guys who play a game that they love because they have a passion for it.

  5. Luann

    Darn, if only I liked sports outside of books so that I could enter a chance to win (I absolutely LOVED the first book). Oh well, good luck to the rest of you!!

    • Just pick a team Luann!!! ps..the Preds are fantastic!

      • Luann

        Well if I could pick any team, I would pick the San Francisco Giants since I am from SF and I can’t go anywhere in this city without seeing 1 in 4 people wearing an SF Giants hat. Although I am sure they have nothing on Preds fans!

      • awesomeness!!! got you down! Thanks!

  6. Debbie Krieg

    Contest #3 Entry…..hmmm…favorite Baseball team – Chicago Cubs Favorite Football team – Seattle Seahawks Favorite HOCKEY team – St Louis Blues…..what can I say…i like the underdogs! hehehe

  7. Favorite football team: Seattle Seahawks…. Favorite hockey team: New York Rangers… Sorry Toni, I have to stay with Rangers I grew up watching them with my dad and brother.

    • I do love New York, but thats cause its my home town. Plus my other hockey crush plays for the Rangers πŸ˜› Good post!

  8. Jenn E.

    My favorite sports team is the Philadelphia Flyers with the Philadelphia Phillies coming in a very close second. They of course my home teams and I love baseball along with hockey. (Hockey is way more exciting though!!). Philadelphia Flyers are a very good hockey team, even thought they have not won the cup since I was born! The team themselves are always doing things for charity off the ice. They have their “Flyers Wives Fight For Lives” carnival every year which is a cool thing to go to. All proceeds go to Flyers’ charitys. On a personal note, I like how a lot of the guys “tweet”. I love reading them especially when they are calling each other out via twitter!

    As for the Phillies, I love going to games because #1, it means it is warm weather is here! Also, the team is just awesome! They won the World Series in 2008 and I just loved going to the parade. Plus, some of the players are just plain nice to look at. Gotta love me some Cole Hamels :))))

  9. Hmmmm…that’s an easy one…the Montreal Canadiens reign supreme in our house. It’s ironic though the small town where I come from is English who is mainly divided three ways….Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins & the Canadiens…There are also the BIG Sid the Kid fans,(from the Penguins). I grew up remembering the great rivalry between Canada & Russia and remember watching them play. I remember the great Ken Dryden, goalie from the Habs, that was so confident and tall, that he generally used his goalie stick as a leaning post. Montreal to me is hockey royalty because of its past, players, fans & “ghosts”. My husband & I (when we were dating) started watching hockey regularly and the Habs were IT!! During Patrick “Saint Patrick” Roy’s rookie season (’85) and haven’t looked back since. Even though we are Habs fans couldn’t resist buying a Bobby Orr doll at a yard sale, get this, for a dime (and if you know anything about hockey…Boston & Montreal DO NOT mix)!! And who would I be if I didn’t mention that Don Sweeney, #32 played 15 seasons for Boston & retired from Dallas, hails from my hometown and we even attended the same middle school from ’78-’80.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter Toni!! πŸ™‚

  10. Meta

    Ok, so the thing is I’m not from USA so I don’t really know your teams. The only american team I know is Los Angeles Kings. And the only reason I know them is because the best slovenian hockey player – AnΕΎe Kopitar plays for them (and yeah he’s gorgeous) But I do like hockey and I watch hockey here in Slovenia (middle Europe) and my favourite team is HDK Maribor. They’re far from being the best hockey team in Slovenia and they’re not my hometown team so you might ask why I like them so much. Well it’s easy – one of my best friends plays for them and I’m a loyal friend so that makes them my favourite hockey team. πŸ™‚

    • thats fantastic! If I am ever in Slovenia I will come to a game with you! I would love to check that out!!!

  11. Leafsgirl

    Being born and raised in Toronto, it will the Maple Leafs til the day I die. We are known to be loyal to our team no matter what (not having won a cup in 45 years). But hopefully in the future the cup will be ours.

  12. Jaclyn Hall

    Los Angeles Lakers, Baby!!! Born and raised in Southern California, grew up watching and rooting for the Lakers with my Dad! LOVE them!! Thanks for the chance to win, I can’t wait to read your next book!!

  13. Lydina Cop

    Portland Winterhawks of the WHL – because I love the boys so much I can not pick just one Pro team!
    Sven Baertschi just got an emergency call up to the Calgary Flames and he is doing awesome!!!
    In fact Predators have a bunch of our Players as Prospects – Cam Reid, Taylor Aaronson and some of your players – Paul Gaustad and of course our hall of famer Brent Peterson as associate coach.
    So clearly great things from our Hawkey town πŸ™‚
    I have season tickets and just got my play off pack! I love this team because these kids give it their all every night on the ice, and then when you watch them get a chance to play in the NHL it just makes your heart swell with pride especially when they get ice time as rookies.
    I just finished your book last night – I started at 7pm and did not get to bed until I finished at 3;58 am. It was great to see such great characters, and show that off the ice the boys are just guys πŸ™‚ Thank you thank you thank you for a great read, and I can not wait for you next book. You are an auto purchase for me.

    • aw wow! thanks so much!!!!!! I read your review on Amazon, and I need you to email me because I need to know when you bought the book. I have had Taking Shots edited 3 TIMES and it doesnt seem like I am getting good people! so if you could email me at! I would love to talk to you! Thank you so much again πŸ™‚

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