Monday Teaser :)

Only 6 Mondays left! I can’t believe it! We are almost to the 30 day countdown! Yippee!! The winner for last week is Susana Dorado! Please email me at! Remember to comment on the post for a chance to win a signed book mark and then a week before the book comes out, I’ll be pulling out a drawing for a 15$ giftcard to Amazon or Barnes and Noble! So here we go!


“And I thought you were gorgeous back then, Fallon Parker.”
Fallon froze.
She would forever know that velvet smooth voice anywhere. Fallon would always remember the way it sounded when he would lay her down on his bed before he would thoroughly make love to her or when he would console her when she was sad. It was the voice of the man that she had loved with a fierceness no one could touch. It was the same voice of the man that broke her into a billion pieces in a matter of seconds.


Hope you enjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

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8 thoughts on “Monday Teaser :)

  1. Kayla Lahoz

    I can’t wait! Its only 11 oclock and my day has already been too stressful. Thanks for the teaser totally made my day tolerable!

  2. are you trying to kill me toni?!?!?!! cuz i think it worked!!!!

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