Boyce Avenue!

My best friend, Jackie and I, had VIP to meet Boyce Avenue last night at their Nashville Concert! It was fantastic! Best concert I had went to in a while! I told the boys about their inspiration in Taking Shots, and they were really awesome about it! They even asked me for a copy of the book! EEK! I totally blanked out when they asked me what the name of the book, I just look at them and said, “Wow, I just forgot the name of my book!” lol, I recovered quickly and told them I would send them a copy!!! Wanted to share my pics and my experience!!! Also, they sung this amazing song called Broken Angel, I also included the video, check it out! They are awesome!!!!



Me & Secondhand Serenade! He was a goofball! AWESOME PERFORMER though! Awesome!

Boyce Avenue!

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2 thoughts on “Boyce Avenue!

  1. Oh my gosh! You are so funny!

    • LOL! I was told by the girl behind me, I was one of her top 5 favorite people. I thought maybe she read my book or something and I was like I am!? and she was like yes you are highlarious! and I was like ooooohhh…lol awkward moment on my end! lol. then I’m telling the guys about the book, and I hear her say “She’s an author!?” lol. so yes, very funny experience all while be doped up on pain meds for sinus infection! I WILL BLAME THAT ON WHY I FORGOT THE BOOK TITLE! lol.

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