…what it takes to come alive

Hello All! Wanted to check in and say hi! I have been hard at work on the first edit of Trying to Score, and I didn’t realize how much I missed these characters! Or how much I love this book! Since I am fooling around with Empty Net between the edit and reading another book, I wanted to share the song that I have found as the song for Empty Net. If you didn’t know, Taking Shots, was Just the Way You Are (Boyce Avenue), and Trying to Score was I Won’t Give Up (Jason Mraz).  I always have a song for when I am feeling like nothing is working, I listen to it, and then I am off, writing my heart out. 🙂 I love the regular version, but We Found Love by Boyce Avenue is just FANTASTIC! and it is Empty Net’s song 🙂 Have a nice day everyone! Happy Reading!

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3 thoughts on “…what it takes to come alive

  1. I miss Ellie and Shea too! Must plan a re-read soon!

    • I had so much fun re reading Taking Shots! I miss it, but I am looking forward to Empty Net! Its gonna be great ❤

  2. I just re read Taking Shots. also….

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